Product Design

Viking ITV

On the in-room TV system guests can access movies, dining reservations, destinations, billing and more. The design captured a picturesque scene of a calm ocean scene. Depending on the time of day the scene would change to reflect, dusk and evening views. The UI and visual design is all based on our 2020 vision design work, creating a unified brand experience across multiple applications used by the guest. Like the Voyager mobile application, My Viking Journey Web Application and even the onboard kiosk system, found through the ship, all our designs intended to complement the beautiful interior design of the ship and have a familiar user experience for the guest no matter the applications they were interacting with. We created iTV systems for both rivers and oceans ships.

interface of iTV system.
The visual design borrowed from the natural surroundings you would find at sea. The sun, sea and stars were visual effects we made using 3D water to simulate a calming water scene. The scene changes with the time of day going from day to night, much like Apple ios and many other systems do today. We designed this way back in 2014.
port info - UI interface
UI screens shown on a TV in a room