Verso is an end-to-end customer experience agency. We help leading companies design products and services.

What we know

End-to-end Customer Experience Design

This is at the core of what we do at Verso, and a natural extension of our passion for brand and how it translates to customers.


Our Services


We use research and insights to produce creative that connects with  audiences and builds brand loyalty.


Our design process is human-focused, allowing what we make to be both useful and intuitive.


We help businesses discover new ways to innovate and evolve by leveraging the digital landscape.


We work with our client partners to create meaningful content that  fosters relationship-building.


David LaRosa

Founder & CEO

As founder and CEO of verso, David is an accomplished creative director and respected leader. He brings experience and boundless imagination to every project. He’s received numerous international design awards and has been a trusted creative partner to Viking Cruises, Toyota, Lexus, GoPro, and Disney, and other leading brands.

Markus Hagen

Director User Experience

Markus Hagen is a passionate designer and creative leader with 20 years of experience in creating compelling customer experiences for a wide range of industries. There is nothing he enjoys more than bringing a team from different disciplines together to solve a business challenge and translate it into a real world product. He is a problem solver interested in the 'Why' as much as the 'How' and the 'What.' Markus is a thought leader on brands and how they can adapt and thrive in today's business environment, he is the recipient of several design awards and the co-author of several patents. Markus lived and worked in Europe and the US.

Stephen Bates

Front-End Developer

Michael Pasternak

Art Director

Hazel Diaz

Art Director

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