Brand Identity

Sony NMS

We created a brand vision statement to better define the product offering, and a sales story to help build company alignment internally and help sell this complex service. We created infographics, icons and a product identity for their platform offering.

We created this graphic for a client to help explain and represent their very powerful digital supply chain behind their OTT platform. The mathematical symbols from left to right mean “collate” and “sort” and are used in familiar products like Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel. Collating and sorting are at the root of what the product does. The product does this and much more at a global scale for some of the largest media producers in the world, more than 15,000 times a day! We wanted to provide the technical and sales teams with a visual element that helps explain the very technical to non-technical people. Rather than talking through complicated functional architecture maps, the team uses this graphic to accompany their presentation and...voila! Oh, that's how it works!
We conducted interviews with 10 team members. This included executives, director level, project management and the sales team. Most interviews were conducted by phone, given the global nature of the business unit. The interview process is the foundation for everything. Total operation necessary to determine the key topics to base the vision statement on. Before we begin to rebuild the sales story, it’s helpful to synthesize everything we’ve learned from our Discover phase into a few key concepts. These concepts serve as the foundation for our thinking as we move forward. The interviews provide insights and concepts inspired us and uncover the core purpose of a business.