Devfactory Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We designed the brand identity for the AI Devfactory. The identity system needed to support the concept of a virtual factory hard at work – verifying your code, but not feel or look like a Matrix sequel. We created a modern brand that has a hint of vintage tech aesthetic, with a modern twist, creating a brand ID that is approachable, smart and interesting.

We based the logo design shape, on what happens when a developer actually selects code in a text editor. The highlighted state became our shape, creating a unique design that is based on an actually function of editing code or copy for any digital document or application. This connected the branding to the core function of the business and the concept is relatable to anyone with a computer or mobile phone.

All of the work is done by an AI, the client had no photos of people or people of any kind at the "HQ" to balance our branding with. We didn't want to use a robot mascot, after-all it's a factory, but we didn't want a scary robot army representing the AI either, so we used dots. Our dot concept was based on old vintage sci-fi art we found in old cartoons and wired magazines and we had in the studio. The dots communicate Devfactory's AI technology in a fun abstract, but friendly way. Using an array of colors and patterns, we created a graphic system that could move or be static.