5 Ways to Build Team Cohesion Remotely


As part of our marketing support for the LACTO forum – we created a promotional video and a landing page for 5 Ways to Build Team Cohesion Remotely. The video was published on Linkedin and forum related internal channels.

We often use a vintage tech vibe when creating artwork for the LACTO forum. Why? Because it's fun, and when the vibe fits, wear it! We hear nostalgia is 🔥 right now. This particular piece is a nod back to a time when, if you wanted to play a video game you might need to go to an arcade to do so. The voice and sound effects were all created on a Midi with additional robot voice effects created by Oded Noy, Chairman of the LACTO forum, who in addition to being a totally dope businessman and technologist, is also an accomplished musician. Oded took a VO reading we recorded on an iPhone and made it sound like we were back at the Play Land Arcade on the Santa Monica pier.  We have fun.

The landing page exists on the LATCO Forum website in a section called Tech Talk. A curated collection of ideas and shared experiences that LACTO think are helpful to their members and beyond.