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Toyota Virtual learning Platform

Toyota must create and sustain interest in multiple new vehicle models every year. There’s relentless pressure upon both Toyota and its dealers to educate sales teams and inspire customers about the unique characteristics of each new model. To help Toyota become ever better at this non-stop task, the mission was to create a new e-learning platform for the automotive giant which would:

  • More effectively synthesize and communicate an enormous amount of model-specific information to both dealers’ sales teams and prospective car buyers.
  • Allow Toyota and its dealers to update content much more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce the cost to dealers of their sales teams’ training.
  • Be flexible, modular and easily adaptable to the educational needs of each vehicle launch for years to come.

Our Solution

The all-new Toyota e-Learning Platform was introduced in 2014. Driven by personalization (in both learning styles and remembering the user’s progress from previous sessions), interactivity (learning via video, games, quizzes and role-playing), visual storytelling (people remember stories, not just facts) and a very simple user interface (for easy access to everything you need to know)… this new tool was immediately successful and is still in use today. 

Strategic Insight

While at another agency before he founded Verso, David LaRosa led the technical team and personally contributed much of the thinking for this project. He understood that people learn more quickly and retain much more information when a) it’s presented to them in an engaging, interactive manner (not a one-way “lecture” or endless reading) and b) they’re allowed to learn in their own way (visual vs. auditory vs. kinesthetic).

Visual Learning
Video Animation Charts Reading Demonstrations
Auditory Lectures
Group Discussions Informal Conversations Stories & Examples
Kinesthetic Role Play
Simulations Practice & Demonstrations Writing & Note Taking Activities

Business Results

This new app not only enabled more effective learning for both dealers’ sales teams and car buyers, it also generated significant savings. The cost of Toyota’s fourth model launch was 50% less than the cost of the first launch. This new e-learning platform also reduced the time required for changing content across web, mobile and tablet from twelve weeks to one.

Simple navigation shows the learner everything they need at just a tap away. All assessment and profile information is stored in one place. The learner also has quick access to notes and bookmarks they made in earlier sessions. This design framework can be used for any Toyota product or service, giving the learner a familiar experience every time they need assessment.

Start the story off right with an overview to give the learner some expectation and context. The use of video here can be a great way to get the learner excited about the product, and can help consolidate a lot of information in a fun way.

Use image and story to reveal key features. An ever present timeline shows the user where they are within the experience.

People Remember Stories,
Not Just Facts.

Multi-Dimensional Content is
More Engaging.

A highly interactive 360º experience allows users to see the entire product and leverages video content to engage.

The use of quick memory games and quizzes can help the learner retain the information he or she just reviewed.

As a user drags the bar – all of the changes since 2012 highlight, providing visual representation.


A Test is Not a Goal,
it’s a Tool.

Throughout the experience users are tested. We use this feedback to inform the user what areas they need more information on.

Role Play & Contextual

Even in a virtual setting we can introduce the user to the potential customer and help prepare them for a real world situation.

Each section has a summary so the user can review and easily learn from their mistakes.

Once assessment is complete the learner is asked to complete certification on a 3rd party platform. This is also a great place to promote other brand products and information.

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