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KB Home

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The Challenge

In 2013-2014, KB Home (One of the largest home builders in the United States) was under serious social media attack for the perceived quality of some of its homes. These widely circulated negatives contributed to the company’s key business measure of “Homes Delivered” flattening out during this period.

The Strategic Insight

While a partner at another agency before he founded Verso, David LaRosa led the creative team and personally created much of the work for KB Home’s response.

David believed that, in the social media environment, it’s virtually impossible to credibly counter specific allegations on a case-by-case basis. His approach was to negate the negatives through a broad, ongoing and highly visible stream of good news and positives about KB Home as seen through the eyes and experiences of its real-life home buyers.

The Solution

KB Home’s core audiences are first-time and move-up home buyers who are most responsive to the compelling combination of affordability, choice and personalization for these homes. Under the theme of “What makes a house a home”, David and his team created a new point-of-view about KB Home which could apply to all areas of the company… any issue… and was executed via documentary videos, YouTube pre-roll, social media, landing pages and other tools.

While this effort was originally intended as a supplementary campaign created to offset the social media attacks, it soon became part of KB Home’s brand messaging as well.

Televised Brand Spots

Whalen Family

Bunch Family

Wooldridge Family


Business Results

More and more home buyers became engaged with the new content and ongoing messaging. In concert with other actions taken by KB Home, “What makes a house a home” helped to get “Homes Delivered” growing again. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, this critically important metric increased year-to-year by 13.6%, 19.9% and 11.0% respectively.


Wooldridge Family Page

Wooldridge Family Recipe Page

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