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BMFS Music Strategies

BMFS Branding

Grown out of a passion for music and longtime friendships within the industry, BMFS seeks to empower artists in their business decisions. The music industry is crowded with large conglomerates that don’t prioritize artists’ needs. That’s why BMFS founders Marc Reiser and Fabrizio Grossi made it their mission to work with artists to build business strategies that put the artist first.

Davey Awards Silver Winner
w3 2018 Gold Winner

Building the BMFS Brand Story

We knew that the BMFS brand needed to feel intimate to highlight the personal touch that Reiser and Grossi built into the heart of their business model. At the same time, the brand story needed to reflect the pedigree and stature of the artists that they represent. Bridging these two elements is where our thinking started.

Brand Positioning

BMFS works with artists to create business strategies that leverage fan bases, build brands and form partnerships.

BMFS Brand

When building out the brand for BMFS, our goal was to achieve both a polished feel and a grittiness. We chose to create a custom hand-drawn logo. Gold color was chosen to represent the high standard of excellence reflected both in the BMFS business model and the artists they work with.

Primary Logo Design
Brand Colors



We wanted a font that would stand in contrast to our hand drawn logo, rock & roll photography and gold colors. A font that was blocky, no-nonsense and felt architectural. Something all the other elements of the brand could rest upon and but not feel forced or garish. The early 20th century style fonts have this engineering feel,  Montserrat captured this feeling for us.


Responsive by Design

A completely responsive design to support all views.

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